Montasser Construction

New boundaries to a company with no limits. The slogan, direct yet humble describes our dedication in continuing the path of MCR in Montasser Construction. Montasser Construction MC has vast experience providing engineering and construction services, in the Middle East and North Africa.

Services, Products, or Projects

  • Montasser provides building services to institutions that recognize the value of a partner who works diligently and creatively to find the best possible solution for each particular project.
  • MC provides infrastructure works that include electromechanical, networks, roads, landscaping. MC ncludes construction and renovation services for luxury buildings, five star hotels and resorts, five star floating hotels and movie theaters.

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Address: 122 EL Tahrir st. Dokki, Cairo Egypt Montasser Bldg. Suite # 4
Telephone: 202 760 6228
Facsimile: 202 335 5415

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