Takmo is the absolute complementary arm of Montasser Construction MCR and MRE. Takmo has been the sole contractor of decorative and basic finishing for more than 30,000 residential units, 1000 office unit and 500 commercial unit through the history of these three prominent companies. Furthermore, Takmo has diversified into being a main contractor of decorative and finishing work for hotels.

Services, Products, or Projects

  • Basic finishing for wood and aluminum works such as doors, windows..etc. for each and every unit for MRE, MCR and MC and other construction companies.
  • Main contractor for Montasser 1, a five star floating dream on the Nile. Takmo a destination of decorative decadence. With ultimate quality, and executive superiority to any design, Takmo is a premiere contractor in its field.

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Address: 122 EL Tahrir st. Dokki, Cairo Egypt Montasser Bldg. Suite # 4
Telephone: 202 760 6228
Facsimile: 202 335 5415

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