Sout EL Hob Pictures

Sout El Hob Pictures long has been a leader in film making and distribution, based in Cairo, Egypt. Founded in 1975, Sout El Hob Pictures is an Egyptian motion pictures production and part of MI. Sout EL Hob Media Conglomerate offers award winning scripts, script writers, directors, and cinematography to the world of cinema. S.E.H. Pictures latest movie was “Halet Hob” which toured notable international festivals in Europe, and the United States.

Services, Products, or Projects

  • Responsible for the development and physical production of performing arts, film, radio or television programs. The company may also be directly responsible for the raising of funding for the production or may do so through an intermediary.
  • Arranges industry screenings for exhibitors, and uses other marketing techniques that proves to the exhibitor that he will profit financially by showing the film.
  • Produced and distributed the likes of:
    Ah Ya Leil Ya zaman
    Maw’ed ‘Ala El “Asha’
    Al Maghoul
    Khaly Balak Men Geranak
    Al Sharida
    Etneien ‘Ala EL Taree’
    Mamlaket EL Halwasa
    El ‘Ot Aslo Assad

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Contact Us

Address: 32 Talaat Harb st. Downton, Cairo, Egypt
Telephone: 202 760 6228
Facsimile: 202 335 5415

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