Ahmed Ibrahim

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade,

Ahmed Ibrahim


Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim began his professional career at a such early age. A16 year old boy, Ahmed owned a cafeteria, and was working for Sout El Hob Music distribution in Alexandria.
Ahmed discovered at an early age his advantage over his peers as his business and commercial instincts took over. Venturing from the cafeteria to music distribution, he then climbed up the professional career in Montasser Ready Mix Concrete as a director of site, shifting to director of merchandising in Montasser Contracting and Reconstruction.
Becoming a seasoned professional as well as his business instinct, Ahmed is the Vice president of Montasser Construction, and board member of MMG.

Our Great Team

Sherif Rizkalla

Mr. Sherif Rizkalla has been developing / managing restaurants in Massachusetts for over a decade. Backed with 20 years of experience in the United States, Sherif epitomizes the mixture of patriotism and knowledge. A Boston University graduate with international relations and economics minor, he elected to come back to his...

Magdy El Shiaty

Engineer Magdy El Shiaty blends equanimity with decisiveness, composure with determination. Magdy, is prudent and discreet at his work. Leading the operational& technical workforce through Montasser Talk technology, Magdy has revolutionized project management techniques to form and render the highest standards of construction management academically and technologically, to the benefit...

Samia Gaber

Engineer Samia Gaber is leading Takmo with 35 years of experience in interior designing and execution exactitude. Samia’s baby steps were under the art directors of several motion pictures in the 70’s of the last century. Later on, Samia started her entrepreneurial venture in interior design through a well developed...

Dina Montasser

Human rights activist since her school days. Mrs. Dina Montasser is a psychologist / entrepreneur in her own right. Dina’s mission in life is simple. Make everybody feel better about himself/herself through applying ethics and sports in the daily life. Dina believes in ethics at work. business ethics is imperative...