Sherif Rizkalla

I am a big believer in hard work, no short cuts, long term planning and the highest level of quality, catering to the customer's needs.

Magdy El Shiaty

I ascertain that management should be customer satisfaction and client driven management (CDM). CDM will be achieved through the ideal exploitation of resources at hand, realizing the golden triangle; quality, time, cost.

Samia Gaber

Dicipline, diligence, commitment, consistency and perseverance are rules of thumb for exactitude.

Dina Montasser

Sadantry person is equivelant to a smoker with two packs of cigarettes.

Ahmed Montasser

Diligent work is rewarded in this life. Life and experience prove day in, day out that consistency and perseverance lead to exactitude, precision and ultimately to success in work, and life.

Atef Montasser

Producing is purely talent. You can recognize a voice, a melody, and good lyrics a mile away. How you fit them together through directing the song and the musical arrangement is up to the talent. Let the business side be dealt with by your significant others and stay focused on living up to your expected talent.

Tarek Thoraya

I believe in the straight line. It is the shortest way, anyway.

Nader Mashhour

It is imperative to love and moreover be ardent to the work place. For he who strives to achieve, will do so, with a passion from the learning experience, and the serenity he begets from blending with the team.

Ahmed Maher

God never squanders the recompense to he who is good, benevolent to himself and others.

Ahmed Ibrahim

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade,

Mostafa Montasser

Life is not a place for happiness. It is a place for achievement and accomplishment and the right to felicity through completion of each achievement at a time.

Sherif Montasser

I believe in 3 things, People, Ideas and finance. Find the right people, allocate the right amount of money, and make way for the fastest method of transporting information and ideas between divisions.

Mostafa Labib

False, to who dares to attain pursuits and quests by sheer desire, for he who desires must struggle, vanquish and surmount. Grab Life by the horns.